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Residential and Commercial HVAC Installation Services in Edmonton

A comfortable environment increases our quality of life and boosts productivity. Through our HVAC installations, we at MEPS Air Quality provide you with the ability to control your indoor temperature levels as per your personal preference and have clean, breathable indoor air.

We offer top-quality HVAC installation services to residential and commercial clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Committed to providing you with high-quality systems, we help you meet the heating and cooling needs of your property.

During new constructions, we can work closely with your construction contractor to install an HVAC system that works well with your building's layout and can suit your specific needs. We install equipment made by leading brands known for their time-tested quality and reliability.

Give us a call for HVAC installation in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

A Range of Installations

When you hire us for an installation job, we aim to ensure that the work is technically-sound, clean, efficient and as per your requirements. You can count on us for residential appliances as well as larger commercial installations. We understand that business hours are hectic and can work around your schedule to minimize any downtime in operations.

From heating to cooling, here are a few of the types of equipment we install:

  • Furnaces


  • Air conditioners


  • Air filters


  • Water heaters


  • Water tanks


  • Tankless water heaters


  • Boilers


  • Humidifiers


  • Thermostats

Need a New HVAC System?

We offer skilled installation services for both residential and commercial properties.

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