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Effective Duct Cleaning Services in Edmonton

When we refer to duct cleaning, we mean the cleaning of your entire heating system. Residential and commercial clients in and around Edmonton can choose MEPS Air Quality’s thorough cleaning services to ensure proper airflow through the heating system, enabling it to work at optimum levels.

We provide professional cleaning of ducts, furnaces, air conditioner coils and heat recovery ventilators to residential and commercial clients across Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. With our help, you can reduce the buildup of germs, allergens, mould, grime and bacteria, and improve the indoor air quality on your property. Call us to schedule a cleaning service today.

Our Process

When cleaning the air duct, it is crucial to flush out the entire system instead of working on particular sections. This is because the flow of hot and cold air to and from the furnace can carry any dirt and dust that has not been removed and send it back through the entire duct system, taking us back to where we started all over again.

We use a variety of specialized equipment, including powerful trucks mounted with high-efficiency vacuums with appropriate brushes according to the type of vent, to properly clean and flush out your air ducts. We can clean and vacuum the hot air and return air ducts separately to ensure complete coverage.


Since each HVAC system is unique and installed according to the property's layout, our approach is always customized to suit the project at hand. Before commencing work, our technicians visit your location and properly assess the type of system you have in place and how the ducts are set up to and from the furnace.

After we have determined the layout and correct cleaning procedure, we start working with quality equipment to clean each zone and flush out the accumulated grime. Our crew ensures that all of your belongings and furniture are properly covered and protected from any dirt. After the cleaning is done, we will properly test your duct and furnace system to see if it is performing optimally. Until it works up to our standards and to your satisfaction, the job is not complete.

Why You Should Have Your Ducts Cleaned 

Air ducts can accumulate large amounts of harmful materials over time. If you have not gotten them cleaned regularly, you could be exposed to harmful allergens, bacteria and mould, and the dirt and grime can seriously affect the quality of the air you breathe indoors.

Apart from the health concerns, dirty air ducts will not let your HVAC system operate at the optimum levels as airflow can be compromised. If these points aren’t enough to convince you, accumulated dust can also be a potential safety hazard as it is highly flammable. For optimal airflow, hazard reduction and cleaner indoor air, get the help of professionals to properly clean and maintain your air duct systems on a regular basis. We recommend a professional duct cleaning at least once every two years.

Air Filters and Boilers

Air filters play a vital role in air purification. However, they are one of the first pieces of equipment to get caked in days’ or months’ worth of pollutants and are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. A soiled air filter is a detriment to your indoor air quality as dust particles that surround the filter get recirculated. It is important to get your air filters regularly cleaned so they can work optimally and do what they are designed to do.

Boilers play an important role in keeping your house warm. Frozen appliances and piping can be easily damaged and will cost you dearly when you go to get them repaired or replaced. It is crucial to keep your boiler unit and boiler ducts clean so that your unit works optimally and can adequately provide heating for your entire house or building.

You can count on us at MEPS Air Quality for professional installations as well as cleaning of these HVAC systems and parts.

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We get rid of dust, dirt, debris and germs to improve the airflow of your furnace system.

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