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Edmonton’s Choice for Efficient HVAC Cleaning Services

MEPS Air Quality has gained a reputation for top-quality work in and exceptional customer service in Edmonton and the surrounding communities. The team has 21 years of HVAC cleaning experience with both residential and commercial properties. 

We are the go-to choice for cleaning of furnace ducts, dryer vents, boilers and air filters apart from installation of HVAC systems across Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Our keen attention to detail and fair pricing make us the desired choice amongst homeowners and business owners alike. We fulfill our cleaning, installation and housekeeping services in-house and do not subcontract any jobs. This allows us to guarantee our work and assures our clients of high-quality installation and cleaning services.

Commercial HVAC Cleaning Services in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

Running a commercial property involves a lot of responsibilities pertaining to the health and well-being of employees and patrons. The HVAC systems installed in both large and small-sized commercial establishments have to work optimally to establish a comfortable indoor environment and to maintain the overall air quality.

At MEPS Air Quality, we offer HVAC cleaning services to business owners in Edmonton and surrounding communities, helping them keep the establishment comfortable and healthy for employees and other visitors alike with the right indoor atmosphere. We offer our service across Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

To meet the needs of large-sized commercial properties, we have specialized equipment that is capable of thoroughly cleaning all the ducts, vents and roof equipment where dust and pollutants can accumulate. Call us for your commercial HVAC cleaning requirements today.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

We conduct a site visit to assess your particular needs. After this initial step, we proceed to execute a comprehensive cleaning job that can be carried out according to your convenience so as to not hamper day-to-day operations.

Commercial establishments must go through stringent safety and health checks to ensure that they are hospitable for guests. Our services can help you steer clear from the ill effects of accumulated dust, grime, mould and other harmful particles that find their way into HVAC ducts and air vents.

Another important reason for regular cleaning of HVAC systems is that accumulated particles can hamper airflow and could potentially damage your equipment if left unchecked. This can lead to costly repairs that can be avoided if regular cleaning is carried out.

We clean dryer vents, air ducts and filters, rooftop units, furniture, carpets and upholstery, along with large-scale HVAC systems.

Our Edge

MEPS Air Quality understands the importance of having an inviting commercial space that is well-ventilated and comfortable for everyone.

Properly working HVAC systems are key to indoor air quality. Together with our high-capacity cleaning trucks and other equipment, as well as technical expertise, we can tackle any problem that you may be facing. Our scheduling is flexible so that you don’t have to suffer any inconveniences in your day-to-day operations.

Additionally, we work actively with property management companies and set up streamlined communications so that the job is done properly and promptly.

Save on Costly Repairs

Keeping your commercial HVAC equipment clean helps prevent unwanted breakdowns.

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